archival materials • framing

four sticks• conservation of your art investment is important • archival materials in the making ensures better longevity (in as close-to-original-quality and colour-fastness as possible) • while the studio uses watercolours & light-sensitive pigments (watercolours & paper media are safer when framed under glass) the media of mylar is hardy stuff & enjoys favour with archivists and art-conservators

• do consult a framing expert trained in art conservation & recommended by established galleries or used by your regional, public art institutions • request that your framer use acid-neutral materials: mat-board, archival tapes & uv-reducing glass • if possible, your framer should also be creative • i use artist jim reid at four sticks framing for framing & art installation • contact jim at: [email protected] • +1 (905) 838 • 3738