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• all content & images are the artist’s or if licensed by studio18 symmes, are proprietary to their 3rd-party technology providers • site use is subject to additional limitations & policies below • by use of the site you’ve agreed to these terms as legal obligations • if you would like to use an image, contact the artist to confirm the conditions that apply • prior written consent is mandatory • have inquiries or other concerns regarding this site, its content or these terms • please use the inquiry form provided to contact the artist

currency • taxes & standard “etceteras”

• prices stated are in canadian dollars • plus applicable sales tax (ontario hst 13%) • customs, shipping fees, framing (unless otherwise indicated by the individual work description) & delivery costs are also excluded

…more on shipping & framing • anytime 3rd-parties are involved in your transaction, additional terms may apply • studio18 symmes is happy to recommend experts used in the area but must disclaim responsibility for your 3rd-party arrangements in pursuit of shipping, framing expertise etc.

use • images

• protect artists’ rights everywhere • don’t remove or modify copyright notices or marks on the images or this site • don’t use this site except to view the images, to connect with the artist or to complete the transactions contemplated • at minimum follow those acceptable use rules enclosed in the 3rd-party terms below • don’t spam or use any portion for purposes that might harm the studio’s business or the artist’s reputation • if that happens or if the site is causing its tech providers grief enough to request, the studio may have to terminate your access • this and having to bring down the site could happen at anytime • this site & service is provided on an “as is/as available” basis.


• online purchasing & security for your input data • by inputting information into the form you’ve consented to the use of that information by studio18 symmes & its listed tech providers, for the purposes of inquiry or to complete transactions contemplated by site-features • also, the studio may collect your input email address for reporting, processing & receipt of your transaction • for mailing lists related to our marketing & to advise you of future art-related events that we’ve determined, based on our business together, would be of interest to you • if you want to be removed from these marketing emails, please use the site’s form or send an email to direct to [email protected] to opt out

• studio18 symmes makes every reasonable attempt to keep your information confidential, secure & comply with applicable law • if you’re nervous about using any form without an ssl certificate (the symbol of a lock on the lower-right footer will indicate if this security feature is on), then don’t send any personal identifiable information via that unsecured form • email the artist to make alternate arrangements • the 3rd-party technologies used to run this site & service do not expect access to or collect your info but in case that’s required in the course of a transaction, please read their privacy policies in the referenced links

• you agree that your use of this site and its services will be lawful and according to these policies & terms • i’d hate to get complaints from my tech providers or be made to shut down the site, so please conduct yourself as expected of a reasonable & proper customer in a public art gallery

limitation of liability • if the artist fails in her obligations posted here and you notify studio 18 symmes (using the form or email provided by clicking “contact” on the site’s menu bar), the artist will (within reason) fix it and be liable to you for proven & direct damages up to and including paying back the amount of fees you paid her • but that’s the aggregate extent of it (and all remedies available to you under law, contract, tort and otherwise) • expressly excluded are all other types related losses – indirect, special, consequential damages and the like • including losses from third party claims • in no event will the artist & studio be made responsible by your use of this site & service, for any kind of loss of business, profits or any failure to realize savings on your part • sorry for the long sentences, we’re just about done with the legal stuff

• applicable law • studio18 symmes is a business registered in ontario, canada • unless otherwise stated in some of the third-party technology terms referenced below, use of this site and interaction with studio18 symmes is governed by the laws in force in the province of ontario  canada • only terms in the artist’s purchase order for a transaction or mandated by law take priority over or can amend these site terms

third party products • additional terms applicable

respect • this site is powered by wordpress • the inquiry form is by mail chimp the design is by designyoko • social media buttons will redirect you to sites governed by their respective owners • their terms apply to the extent that you use their technology via this site and there’s a mandated a flow-through of terms to all end users •  site hosting is by media temple • email is powered thru go daddy &  • manual purchases may use square technology’s service to process your visa or mastercard payments  • like me, if you use these features & this site, you’ve agreed to be subject to the additional terms & licenses accompanying the technology

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